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SEO Training Workshop Objectives

The ultimate goal of this workshop is to increase your site’s usability so that you can bring theright people in from the search engines. The purpose of your site should be clearly defined so that you can make sure your site achieves that purpose. If you have been struggling with your web traffic recently, it may be because you haven’t fully employed SEO to the best of your abilities.

SEO Training Workshop Description

The entire workshop is hands-on and personalized to you and your classmates. You’ll see demonstrations of real situations, hands-on practice of your own problems and daily self-evaluations of each participant so we can be sure you understand everything. Once you have completed this course, you will receive official certification from our program and leave with a firm grasp of how to successfully connect to your customers through the Internet.

Lesson 1 : Overview of SEO and Why Is it Important?

– You will understand the concept of SEO and how it is implemented in business and everyday life.
You will have an overview how you can use SEO for your business.

Lesson 2 : Introduction to Ranking a Local Business Website

– Strategies on ranking a local website
– Understanding Google Map
– Understanding positive review and how to get them
You will be able to rank local keywords in Google

Lesson 3 : On-Page SEO versus Off-Page SEO

– Understand the factors of ranking for SEO using website and external factors that contribute to Google page ranking.
Understanding the factors to rank on the top of Google Search Engine.

Lesson 4 : Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

– Why is it important to follow Google Webmaster Guidelines.
You will know the difference between what is acceptable by Google standards.

Lesson 5 : Keyword Ranking

– Determine the factors for choosing the right keywords
– Whether they are able to rank
– How profitable are the keywords
– Grouping the keywords
– Using software’s to automate the process.
Identify keywords that will be profitable or not

Lesson 6 : Website Design

– Using wordpress as web design plalorm.
– Planning the settings in wordpress
– Using the right plugin
– Setting up the onpage factors of SEO
Able to do the right settings on a website to rank in Google

Lesson 7 : Content Marketing

– How to write content that Google loves
– Using software to simplify the process
– How to leverage on websites to see which content is trending
Able to write content that is both relevant to Google and public

Lesson 8 : Strategies Through External and Internal Linking

– How to set up off page factors to rank in Google
– Understand about backlinks and how they affect Google
– Not all backlinks are equal
Able to choose the best backlinks to rank in Google

Lesson 9 : Social Media Marketing

– How to leverage social media for Google ranking
– Why social media is important to SEO?
– How to set up social media accounts to boost ranking?
You will be able to understand social media and leverage it for Google ranking

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