This is A 90 Days Certification Program To Learn Digital Marketing Best Practices and You Will Learn…

Lesson 1: Introduction to DM

  • Setting Your Goals (Online Learning) 
  • Understanding Your Customer’s Persona (practical)
  • How to Write Great Content For Your Target Persona (practical)

Lesson 2: Setting Up Your Website

  • What is WordPress (Online Learning)
  • Setting up Domain and Hosting (Online Learning)
  • Setting up Your First WordPress Site 
  • Customising the Basic Layout
  • Setting up Theme on WordPress 
  • Setting up Contact Form

Module 3: Psychology of Content Marketing

  • Content as Seeding Strategies
  • Promoting Your Content
  • Creating Contents that Goes Viral

 Module 4: Search Engine Optimisation 

  • Basic of SEO
  • How to Identify Keywords that Has Searches
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Onpage Optimization
  • Offpage Optimization
  • *Using Marketing Samurai (Online Learning – Download Samurai)

Module 5: Google Analytics

  • Why Google Analytics
  • How Google Analytics Works
  • Google Analytics Set Up
  • Understanding Overview Analytics Report

Module 6: Paid Ads Part 1 – Planning Your Campaign

  • Understanding Type of Paid Ads (Google, FB, YT)
  • Case study – Reverse engineer successful ads campaign

Module 7: Paid Ads Part 2 – Running Your Campaign

  • Running Your First Google Ads (Google Search ads)
  • Running Your First Facebook Ads (lead generation)
  • Best Methods in Using Paid Ads
  • AB Testing Ads Campaign

Social Media Marketing (Instagram)

  • Setting Up Instagram Account 
  • How to Use Instagram as a Business Marketing Tool

Social Media Marketing (YouTube)

  • Setting Up YouTube Channel
  • How to use YouTube Marketing to Generate Leads
  • Understanding YouTube SEO
  • Ranking Your First Video on YouTube
  • Using Software to Create Professional Videos to rank on Google

Social Media Marketing (LinkedIn)

  • Setting Up LinkedIn Profile 
  • How to Optimise Your Linkedin for Business Use
  • Understanding Types of Linkedin Ads
  • Setting Linkedin Ads Campaign

Module 8: Video and Live Streaming in Social Media

  • Setting Up Facebook Live
  • Understanding Video Marketing
  • Optimizing Video Marketing Strategies
  • Project – Going Live To Promote Your Product/Service


  • Understanding the Importance of Email Marketing
  • How to Craft Email for Higher Inbox
  • How to Increase Open Rate of Email
  • How to Set up an Email Campaign on Autopilot

 Module 9: What’s Next? What is My Path? 

  • Rank & Rent Model
  • Current Trends To Make Money Online via E-Commerce, Dropshipping
  • Current Trends To Make Money Online via Affiliate Marketing
  • Your Journey to Become A Digital Marketer
  • Your Journey to Set Up A Digital Marketing Agency
  • Your Journey to Become A Digital Marketing Trainer

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